Providing Safe Electrical Service Procedures: How a Pandemic Drove Us to Change

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There is no disputing that Covid-19 has had a significant impact on everyone across the globe. And with the high infection rate in New York, those of us in Westchetser have also felt the impact. As an essential business providing electrical service work, our electricians at Consolidated Hudson Electric know the community depends on us to keep your homes in good condition now more than ever. But adding a pandemic to the mix, we knew we had to adapt our procedures to not only provide top-quality electrical work, but also take every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our clients and electricians.

To ensure we had the latest information regarding the virus, we began our research. We turned to the best source for guidance on the virus and how to protect ourselves and those around us, the Center for Disease Control (CDC). As the nation’s health protection agency, The CDC sets the standards for health security and we knew their guidance would be the safest in the industry. The CDC provided guidance not only in the selection and use of PPE, but also with what types of disinfectants to choose and how to use them effectively with no adverse effects. How to effectively kill the virus on surfaces and to be absolutely sure that we are not carriers, or transporters. We have all been tested, and take daily body temperature and blood oxygen % readings to ensure we have not been infected. From here, we crafted procedures for enhanced pre-installation, arrival, and post-installation protocols that protect our clients and our electricians.

We implemented:

80/20 Isopropyl alcohol/ water mix in industrial spray bottles.

  • Spray Nine formula (which is the product used in public schools for disinfecting)
  • All tools, equipment, phones, ladders, and personnel are thoroughly sprayed down before and after every interaction

We also ensure that our electricians follow these steps:

  • Maintain social distancing of greater than 6 feet
  • Utilize appropriate protective coverings including masks, gloves, and shoe coverings
  • Wash hands frequently and thoroughly (20 seconds, minimum)
  • Avoid contact/ proximity with sick people
  • Avoid touching our faces
  • Are tested for the virus, and take daily body temperature and blood oxygen % readings for signs of infection

Once our crew felt comfortable with our new procedures, we explored what other precautions could be taken. While still addressing all emergency services, we focused our work on services that could be performed with minimal human contact. And with summer just around the corner, it was good timing. We focused on outdoor security lighting, landscape lighting, and pool and spa wiring. We also found an increased interest in installing and maintaining generators and solar arrays. These types of electrical work can be performed with little to no direct human contact, thus greatly decreasing the opportunity for Covid-19 to spread.

We also integrated the use of technology into our workflow. By integrating video conferencing applications, we can connect with our clients and provide consultation on their project. We are able to conduct virtual ‘walk throughs’ and in some cases, provide estimates over the phone or via email after having the video call.

New York’s “Pause” may be over soon, but the impact the Corona virus has had will be on-going. Consolidated Hudson Electric’s response is to continue to evolve how we provide service to ensure our community is safe - by doing all we can to prevent the spread of Covid-19 AND making sure the lights are on, and that the power is flowing!


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