Electrical Wiring Upgrades and Your Home Renovation

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Electrical Wiring Upgrades and Your Home Renovation

With more and more people exiting the cramped conditions of NYC, the housing market is exploding in the Hudson Valley. Large numbers of people have purchased property in the Rivertown area and are preparing to make these houses their homes. Welcome neighbors! With home inspections and desired renovations, now is the perfect time to plan your new home’s electrical wiring upgrades. If you are not sure where to start, read on for 9 areas to consider when planning your electrical renovation.

9 Electrical Areas to Consider When Renovating Your Home

1. Consider the Environment and Energy Efficiency

We are all concerned about the negative environmental effects and rising costs of our planet’s current energy consumption. But working with a qualified electrician to diagnose electrical efficiency improvements and green alternatives can help you take active steps to reduce both. A home renovation is a great time to install solar panels, generators, high-efficiency appliances, and more. Early in the planning stage of your renovation project, be sure to discuss with your electrician the possibilities suitable for your home.

2. Consider an Electric Service Upgrade

It is no secret older homes were not designed to handle the electrical requirements of modern times. New appliances, powerful HVAC systems, and other modern devices increase the power demands that older systems cannot always handle. Outdated panels have limited space to add circuits, have fuses, or are of low quality and need to be replaced in order to meet the higher demand. An electric service upgrade can increase the capacity of the home’s existing electrical service to efficiently handle the increased demand.

3. Electrical Wiring

If you are renovating a vintage property, chances are you will need to upgrade the electrical wiring. If any walls will be opened as part of your home renovation, it’s a cost-effective time to make upgrades to your electrical wiring. Consider updating wiring for safety, efficiency, and modern devices while there is open access behind the wall.

4. Lighting

Start by envisioning how you want to use the space. For example, is it a space for working, for family interaction, or perhaps cozy conversation? Then, consider the lighting that helps create that kind of space. Recessed lighting, indirect lighting, chandeliers, track lighting, and landscape lighting can transform an area. Work with a qualified electrician or lighting designer to create the perfect lighting for your space.

5. Outlet Placement

Gone are the days where the placement of furniture and appliances depended on where the outlets were placed. Qualified electricians caninstall outlets at the traditional locations along floor boards and counterlevel, as well as ceilings, floors, and inside closets.

You can also install outlets with USB charging ports that power via USB, perfect for phones and tablets. These outlets are not only useful, but also cut down on the clutter. Discuss with your electrician how new outlets can fulfill both the aesthetic and functional plans for your renovation.

6. Wireless Charging Stations

As the number of wireless charging devices increases, so will the need for wireless charging stations and other specialized electrical areas in your home to keep those devices charged and organized.

7. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs)

GFCIs, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, are a safety MUST HAVE when the appliance is used near water. GFCIs are designed to instantaneously turn the electricity off if the plugged-in device comes in contact with any moisture. These safety devices are standard in rooms with running water now, but if you purchase an older home they may be missing. Ensure any outlet next to a sink, drain, or any area in close proximity to liquids is a GFCI. It’s a simple task for qualified electricians, but essential for the safety of your family and property.

8. Remove Obsolete Outlets

Once considered the height of convenience, we no longer need an archaic telephone jack in every room. Cable outlets are also quickly becoming obsolete. A renovation is a great time to take the extra step to remove these unsightly, unused outlets and gain wall space.

9. Plan for the Future

Smart technology is quickly becoming commonplace in our homes. As you plan your renovation, be sure to ask pertinent questions about developing technology. Work with a qualified electrician to design and implement an electrical plan for your home that can include, expand, and adapt to these possibilities.

If you are in the Westchester and Fairfield county area and are looking for a qualified electrician, give us a call at 914-591-0100. As Irvington’s hometown electricians, we are happy to provide free consultation for your project.


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