Benefits of a Generator

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Benefits of a Generator

Wondering what exactly a generatoris and why you should have one? A backup generator is a piece of equipment designed to restore power to your home or business when the utility power goes out, or if the utility lowers the voltage to a dangerous level. In the event of a blackout or brownout, a backup power generator automatically provides an alternate source of power for your home or business.

The equipment is available in a wide range of sizes to handle the specific needs of your home or business. A backup generator can power your entire home or only specific areas like your refrigerator or sump pump. And, generators can be remotely monitored as well.


There are many benefits in installing a standby generator, but they fall into three main areas:


By protecting your home or business from dangerous voltage fluctuations and surges, a standby generator means you are protected at all times. If you are away on vacation or have property that sits unattended, a generator provides assurance and removes the worry these fluctuations and surges can cause. We can also provide you with remote monitoring while you are away from your home/ business.


With no electricity, work and home life grind to a halt, food spoils, pipes freeze, and basements flood. But with a generator, you can ensure that all, or only the essential electrical equipment you need keeps running. Automatic standby generators can keep all your essential electrical items in your home running during a power outage, including your heating or air conditioning, routers, and sump pumps. Smaller generators can keep essential items such as your refrigerator running so that food doesn't spoil, or ensure your security lighting is always protecting the safety of your loved ones and property.


Generators keep equipment operating that is essential to health and safety. For example, one of the functions of an HVAC system is to dehumidify the air in the structure. When these units are left inoperable, high humidity quickly sets into the ductwork and encourages mold growth throughout the dwelling, as well as moldings and doors begin to warp due to high humidity, causing tens of thousands in damage. Bad for our health and expensive to remove from buildings, mold should never be allowed a foothold. A generator can help prevent this problem from ever starting

During storms, automatic standby generators start upon power disruption to power sump pumps and prevent water damage. Generators can power home security systems, medical equipment, and any other appliances essential at all times.

Installing a generator requires careful planning and is a valuable investment. If you are considering a generator, call us at 914-591-0100. Our professional, licensed electricians will expertly guide you through choosing and installing the right generator for your needs.


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